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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Big Smoke.

Leaving shortly again, in search of the beach, something not too difficult, you´d think, as we travel up the coast towards Lima. Two hours and a terrible Bruce Willis film later, the bus leaves us at Cerro Azul, a small surf town. But we´ve got our timing all wrong, it´s more like a ghost town, not a soul about apart from an abundance of barking dogs, and just to top it off, the suns not shining! One night was enough.

With Lima only another two hours away we go to our final destination, with a whole week on our hands. If Lima had half the character of Buenos Aires, I´d be more excited by this prospect. Then again, I can´t complain with having nothing to do but walk the coast line of Miraflores, drink coffee, check out the jazz bar, go for dinner at yet another Korean restaurant, chill at the hostel, contemplate the last three months and with curiosity wonder about the ones to come.


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