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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Last Supper. (In Argentina)

We finally got off our arse on the last day of Mendoza. After the mule experience in Peru we were keen for some horse riding, and this is the place to do it.

That morning, dressed inappropriately in a boob tube and flip-flops, a straping, beautiful, man of the land, dressed in some traditional Argentinian cowboy clothes, helped us girls get gracefully on the horses and led the way through the bush, curbing the mountains away from the city. Tranquilo. Until we start trotting and galloping, then my horse sniffs Rachaels horse´s butt causing kicks, neighs and general unrest. Quickly ressuming to taking it nice and slow. Finishing on an easy note back at the stables taking turns to sing and play guitar.

Mendozas keeps 600 wineries. Its first earner is wine, followed by petrol, olive oil and tourism, and it´s a must when visiting to do a wine tour.

Although it´s initially quite exciting to witness such quantities of wine, it quickly gets boring learning how they make the stuff, and after taking some photos, we eagerly await the moment we´re all really there for...the free samples! Which worked out well for the second winery, especially with it being organic, the Malbec tasters were amazingly smooth, this is said to be the top place in the world for this kind of red. I had to go back to buy another bottle having decided three wasn´t enough.

Meeting a friend for dinner that night, it´s only polite to take a bottle along, aswellas another over one last Argentine bloody steak, it was easy to forget about time! Rushed out the restaurant, met Rach, made the bus out of town and indeed the country, by the skin of our teeth.


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